Create a storyboard of a day in the life of a JWU Graphic Design student

Yes, I really was nearly blown over by the wind, I'm a very light person.

One of the very first projects I was assigned as a student at Johnson & Wales University was to make a storyboard of a day in my week. I love seeing storyboards for movies, so I understood the assignment and got to work. I started by making a list of everything I did for one day, then broke up my pages into eight even spaces to keep my work organized.
The assignment was meant to help us sketch quickly and add texture to differentiate the background from the main focus, and I had fun mapping out a day in my school life as if it was going to be made into an episode of a show.

I took the stairs to the fourth floor. Don't know why.

Granted, life as a student isn't that interesting, but I like to think I made it at least a little more entertaining. Using a visual medium is an easy way to pass humor, and as a designer with a heavy lean towards illustration, it's my favorite thing to do. Storyboarding my climbing four flights of stairs only to find out my class is cancelled is always a joy for me to do.
Making the list of what it is I wanted to storyboard before actually starting to draw was a good idea, as well. Having a plan for a plan makes the plans plan better.

I forget to eat a lot. I have alarms for it now.

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