Who am I?
My name is Tryphena, (pronounced try-FEE-nah), but if that’s too complicated just call me Tea. I’m a nerd from California, and a graphic designer with a focus in illustration and print. My art style is heavily influenced by games and Japanese animations, and while I can make something more cheerful if needed, I prefer the darker stuff. Not quite horror, but definitely unsettling at times, and if you take a look at my portfolio, certainly not brightly colored.
What can I say, I’m a little dark.
What do I do?
If you’re looking for illustrations for your packaging, or even a pair of hands to take a crack at designing the packaging from scratch, I’m your NPC. I specialize in illustrative projects, but I enjoy a good puzzle every now and then, especially when it’s 3-D, and to me every project is a puzzle waiting to be solved. Regardless of the medium, be it digital, traditional, or both, if you hand me a problem, I’ll find a solution.
Want to Contact Me?
Send me a message.
email: tryphena.elliott@gmail.com
phone: (626)278-6964
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